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Vacuum Trouble

I don’t know why the universe is keeping me from being the Domestic Goddes_vaccumissuess I try to be (kinda try). I can plan an event for 600, I can make a few phone calls and have a stage crew ready to go in Monsoon weather in 24 hours notice, I can manage 25 models at a time, but I pull out the vacuum and all hell breaks loose.

My first mistake was changing the light bulb in my office.  I went from a low wattage bulb someone had put in back to my good old 100w bulb.  Well it lit the room up like a fireworks display.  I could see every cobweb in the joint.  I decide to dive right in and I grab the vacuum (A fabulous surprise gift from my Mom, Jane, about 6 months ago.  Then I simply pull out the stretchy thingy to reach the cobwebs and dust and dirt start blowing all over my office. Dust on my phones, my computers, my cameras, my printers. That will teach me to clean.

Writing ad now looking for housekeeper.

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Candy Crush Addiction Top Tips

“Play this game called Candy Crush on Facebook”, they said.   “It will be fun”, they said.  I am now an addict.  I play one game to start my day, or sometimes five games.  I play one game of Candy Crush before bed, sometimes 10.  I’m not even going to tell you how much I play while I am on the phone on hold or while I am waiting for something to print or load.

Here are my best tips for you other addicts.

Candy Crush Tip #1

The special candy and how to make them.

Striped Candy:  You make the striped candy by getting any four colors in a row.  If your row is horizontal and you pull down the last candy to make the stripe then the stripe will have vertical stripes.  That means when you use that candy with like colors it will clear the row vertically (Up and down).  If you have a vertical row and move the remaining candy into position it will make a horizontal (across, the same as the horizon) striped candy.  When you use the horizontal striped candy it will clear the whole row across.

 Wrapped Candy: This candy is made when you combine two rows of the same colored candy.  When you get 6 candies of the same color together in the shape of a cross and pull the last one in it will make these.  Then when you combine them with 2 or more like colors they will explode like little bombs.  The bombs take out the surrounding candies. When you combine wrapped candy with Striped candy it creates a large bomb that takes out three rows vertically and 3 rows horizontally. Great for getting those hard to reach jellies off the board.

Color Bomb:  That brown candy with sprinkles appears when you get five candies in a row.  When you switch it with any colored candy it removes all that color from the board.  If you switch it with a stripped candy it turns all the color of the striped candy into striped candies and sets them off.  If you switch a color bomb with a wrapped candy it turns the color of the switched candy into little bombs all over the board.  If you switch it with another color bomb it becomes electrified and pretty much wipes the whole board.


Candy Crush Tip #2

The edges and corners are the most difficult to get rid of.  If you have to clear the jelly and its in those places, try to remove the edges and corners first because they have less opportunity to accidentally get removed by falling candies.  The bottom ones have the least opportunity of all, so start removing the bottom corners first.

Candy Crush Tip #3

When it is a timed challenge level  the +5 candies will give you an extra 5 seconds each, so use them as much as you can.

Candy Crush Tip #4

You can find a youtube video tutorial for almost every level of Candy Crush. So, if you get stuck go to and search for whatever level you need, such as “Candy crush level 197.”  Click search and watch the videos that look the most relevant, they can offer you specific advice on the level you need.


Lid up or Lid Down? The age old fight.

Toilet Seat EtiquetteI am going to solve the age old fight over the toilet seat being left up or down right now for everyone as well as a few other bathroom tips.

First off the toilet seat goes down!  Not only the toilet seat, but the toilet lid as well.  I am very capable of not sitting in toilet water.  In fact never in my life have I fallen in. What the big deal is all about is every time you flush that baby with the lid up a big mist of feces and urine wash your bathroom in gross germs.  Not only your urine and poo, but friends, strangers, and kids.  All those germs land on the counter, your toothbrushes, your make-up, your soap.  So, lets just save us all the nasty bath and close both seat and lid and we’ll all be happy.

Toilet Paper FightAnother thing people are very passionate about is which way your toilet paper roll faces.  Some like it flush with the wall and unrolling towards the wall, because it looks more flattering, some like it facing you as you reach for it, much more handy.   This subject is like politics, it gets very heated.  The right way to do it towards you.  The reasoning again is hygiene.  Having it against the wall means dirty germy fingers are touching the wall to grasp the toilet paper.  Facing towards you is not only closer to reach, but is much more conducive to touching only paper and not spreading the poo finger or urine hand around (You know you’ve done it!)