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DJ Life

Detroit DJThe soundtrack to our life is played at the bar or club as we laugh with friends, make new friends, flirt, create memories.  More often than not it’s being choreographed by a DJ.  I never really paid much attention to the DJs until the last few years as I got more DJ’s as clients.

Doing their Public Relations has been very eye opening.  There are the really good career DJ’s like Godfather, Captn20, and DJ Dock.  There are the really bad ones who play their MP3 players, that only use their laptops, and those who have no knowledge of equipment and blow the sound system.

DJ’s all have different equipment, different software, different lighting and they will all defend how they do it as the right way til their death.  That stuff doesn’t make a difference to me.  I used to not even pay attention to the music except as background to whatever I was doing.  Now that I pay attention to the DJ’s I love when a DJ can take a familiar song and make it something new.  I love when they mix two songs I never would have thought of, or when they surprise me with something new.

A great DJ has to appeal to a whole room full of people and keep the energy up and vibrant.  As anyone who has ever had a road trip with someone else knows, finding music to appeal to everyone is impossible sometimes, so I appreciate when a DJ can keep a dance floor going and people happy.

That brings me to my new life lesson.  Don’t ask for a song request!  These DJ’s spend hours downloading music, creating music, listening to music and creating play lists for different venues and events.  They know their music, they know their bar/club/crowd, they have a job to do and it’s not to be a jukebox.

These guys and gals have to get people dancing and drinking and enjoying the party.  Once its finally in swing one bad song can end the night.  Your request for Barbie Girl isn’t going to do anything for the night, yet you waltzed your 6in leopard print peep toe shoe’d ass up to the Dj booth and made your request.  The DJ knows that song will kill the room, yet he has your drunk happy open cleavaged  self standing there demanding that one song that made you laugh 5 years ago.  He has to weigh offending you and ruining your night or ending a party for 300-600 people.  My advice, JUST LET THEM RUN THE NIGHT.  It’s their job.  You can turn your song on in your car on the way home or the way there.  Unless it’s your wedding and you tell your DJ what to play leave him alone!

My list of DJ etiquette.

1.  Don’t request a song.  You and maybe one friend are the only ones who want to hear it, the REST of the bar does not.

2.  Don’t tell your DJ anyone can DJ and she just pushes play.  If that’s all she is doing she shouldn’t be a DJ.

3.  Don’t set your drink down on the DJ table.  That equipment is expensive!  Would you put a beer on your laptop?

4. Don’t hire a DJ and expect the DJ to do your promotions.  A DJ provides entertainment to your guests, a promoter brings in the bodies.  Don’t be cheap!

5. Don’t tell the DJ you know the owner and you spend a lot of money in there.  Yeah, you are the only one.  All those other people have never been in here and they aren’t buying drinks and food also.  When you own the bar then come talk to the DJ.

6. Don’t tell the DJ, “Nobody wants to hear this song.”  (Except the person who requested it).  Like you did a poll with everyone in the bar.  Go back and sit with your drunk friends.

7.  Sometimes the promoter or bar owner has a theme for the night and they dictate what type of music is played.  You can request a song (although I recommend you sit your little butt down and don’t bother the DJ unless its to give a compliment, tip them, flash them or offer them a job), but be understanding if the DJ can’t accommodate it.  It’s not always up to the DJ.

8.  When you talk to the DJ it’s loud, there are people, the DJ is mixing or cuing up the next song.  Usually they can’t hear you.  Don’t take it personally, they are busy and it’s LOUD.  Deal with it.

9.  No you cannot charge your phone in the DJ booth.  Be responsible and handle it on your own or God forbid enjoy the night without Facebooking every second of it.

10.  Most important of all… they are WORKING.  This is their job and they are doing their job.  When someone calls you at your work don’t you sometimes have to put them on hold or call them back?  Let them do their job!  Smile, dance, show some love.  have fun.  It’s a night out and life is good.  It’s not the end of the night if you can’t get that one song right then.


Pizza Lasagna

jenniepieTonight my friend Jennie Marisnick posted what she made for dinner tonight.  Boy did it get my mouth watering!  Here is her recipe…


1 box Mostaccioli noodles

1lb Hamburger

1 can Tomato Soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 jar of Ragu pizza quick (or a jar of pizza sauce)

1 bag of mozzarella shredded cheese

bag of sliced pepperoni (save some to for the top)(sliced in halves or quarters)

Boil Noodles and cook the hamburger.  Set aside about a quarter of the cheese.  Mix together the other ingredients, then add 3/4 of the hamburger meat and all of the noodles to the mix.

Put in a 9×13 dish, top with rest of cheese, hamburger and some pepperoni, cover loosely with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for about and hour and a half, take off the foil when there is about 10 minutes left to brown the top.

She says you can also add bacon, extra cheese, olives, mushrooms, what ever you like on your pizza.. Its called pizza lasagna.


Thank you for sharing Jennie!