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Vacuum Trouble

I don’t know why the universe is keeping me from being the Domestic Goddes_vaccumissuess I try to be (kinda try). I can plan an event for 600, I can make a few phone calls and have a stage crew ready to go in Monsoon weather in 24 hours notice, I can manage 25 models at a time, but I pull out the vacuum and all hell breaks loose.

My first mistake was changing the light bulb in my office.  I went from a low wattage bulb someone had put in back to my good old 100w bulb.  Well it lit the room up like a fireworks display.  I could see every cobweb in the joint.  I decide to dive right in and I grab the vacuum (A fabulous surprise gift from my Mom, Jane, about 6 months ago.  Then I simply pull out the stretchy thingy to reach the cobwebs and dust and dirt start blowing all over my office. Dust on my phones, my computers, my cameras, my printers. That will teach me to clean.

Writing ad now looking for housekeeper.

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