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How to Get Into Clubs and Events for Free

Getting in to clubs and events for free isn’t hard.  You just have to be guided once and soon

you’ll be waltzing into every hot club in the area whenever you want.   Just read these 16 quick tips and then try them out.

  1. Ask.  The most direct way is to contact the club or bar.  Ask if it would be possible to be guest listed.  Especially if you have a large group, make sure to let them know your approximate number of guests coming with you.  Don’t over exaggerate or you could lose the privilege of getting in free.


  1. Get to Know the Promoters. Promoters are hired by the venues to get people to come out.  They promote the event and advertise for the venue.  Most of them have a guest list.  Some have a limited amount of guests they can get in at a reduced cost or for free.  Be friendly, don’t be pushy.  Follow and friend them on social media.  Politely say hi and ask if they have any room on their guest list or if they can offer any perks or freebies.  Some promoters are paid per person they bring in and others are paid a direct fee or a percentage of the door or bar.  Some are paid a flat rate with bonuses for how many guests they can bring to the event.  Make sure to give your promoter proper credit when you arrive.

  1. Hit up the DJs. If you follow and LIKE the DJs social media sites you can help out the DJ and get yourself on the fast track to freebies, free entry and the inside info on the after parties.  Almost always the DJ gets a plus one, but that usually goes to who they are dating, flirting with, or their good friends.  Sometimes they can do a solid and get you on a guest list or set you up with a promoter.


  1. Sign Up for their Newsletter. On nights with slow presales clubs may send out free tickets to the first 100 people to respond or call.  You get news of upcoming events and sometimes even deals on VIP.  I don’t like to get a million emails from all the clubs and restaurants I like, so I created a special email address just for these type of newsletters and ads.


  1. Make Friends with the bouncers, the cashiers, the bartenders, and other guests. Use your social media and ask if anyone knows anyone who works there.  Most all staff can get a friend or two in for the night.  Reach out.


  1. Arrive Early. Very often if you arrive early there isn’t a cover or they aren’t set up to take money yet, so you waltz in free.  Some bars and clubs don’t start charging a door fee until after a set time of 9pm or 10pm, so arrive before then.


  1. Start Early. I know most of don’t think about going out until the day of or even hours before.  It’s really best if you can start hitting up everyone earlier in the week.  Sometimes promoters and DJs only get a set amount of people for their guest lists, so hit them up as soon as possible.  Don’t be obnoxious though.  Be cool, be polite and make sure you like and share their posts.


  1. Groups of Girls almost always get in free and first. So, ladies get your girls all together and head out.  Guys, invite all your girlfriends and walk in on the arm of 4 or more ladies. If you can’t find girls to go with you, find some ladies in line or walking in and ask if they’ll escort you in.  They may either get you in free or at least your sausage fest of a group got in.

  1. Get Bottle Service. Bottle service usually gets you a VIP table and better attention from your server.  You can usually RSVP ahead with bottle service.  By the time you would have each paid to get in and gotten drinks for everyone, you would almost be at the price of the booth.  The booths are usually a bit more, but you get personal space, somewhere to sit and you usually get to look down on the peons.


  1. Dress Up. Find out if there is a theme or if it’s just a regular club night.  Dress the theme and dress hot, sexy and fun if it’s a regular night.  Dressing slightly wild can make you interesting enough to get in the door as long as it’s not dorky.  Always look your best.  Businesses need you pretty people to make them look good and for others to want to be there to meet you.


  1. Call a Concierge. The best hotels have a concierges, someone who performs various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, arranging spa services, procuring tickets to special events, and getting guests into the hottest night spots.  Even if you aren’t a guest of the hotel you may be able to create a relationship with a concierge and get them to get you on the list and possibly other perks.  Make sure to tip your new friend!


  1. Reach Out to Limo Companies. Many limo services have relationships with most of the hot spots around the city.  Promoters and venues often have deals with limos, taxi services, concierges, etc to send out of town guests and high class locals to their locations.  Often the promoters give an incentive to whoever brings in partiers.  It can’t hurt to give them a call and see.  Even better if you book a limo, split it between friends and then nobody has to drink and drive.  Sometimes you can even get package deals, dinner, limo, and nightclub bottle service and admission for a great price.


  1. Offer a Service. Reach out to the club or promoter.  If you are a writer/blogger and can help promote their event, you may be able to get in free.  If you are a photographer and offer to come shoot the night, you will more than likely get in free and possibly even rate a small tab until they know you.  Offer to promote the event just to get in free or again for a small tab.  Prove you can help.  Promote on all social media, offer to pass out flyers, be shot girl (you can even earn tips), etc.  Some of these can even turn into paid gigs.  I like getting in free and getting paid.


  1. The Box of Lemons. A fun never fail idea from Digital DJ Tips is “The Box of Lemons,” move.  It’s a gutsy move where you strut a box of lemons up to the door and tell the bouncer you can’t believe they are already out of lemons, good thing we had .  Then keep on going and don’t look back.  Visit this Digital DJ Tips article to get even more tips on ways to get into the clubs without paying.


  1. Never, Ever, Ever, Say Any of These Things. I will automatically not want to help or be accommodating if anyone gets pissy with me while claiming to be on the list or if they say any of these lame things.


  • “I know the owner.” Well the owner should have put you on the guest list then.  Give them a call.
  • “I come here all the time!” Then you should know how it works.
  • “I’m never coming back here if this is how you treat people.” Ok, take your cheap crabby ass on home.  We don’t want your annoying kind here is what goes through my mind.
  • “Do you know who I am?!” Nope.
  • “I forgot my ID, but I come here all the time.” Then hope you don’t forget your way home.
  • “You have no idea who my Daddy is, do you?” Do you?


  1. Just be sincere and friendly. We always like good people in our crowd.  The more you frequent a business the more likely you are to be remembered and treated like family.  Bring friend, buy drinks and don’t cause any drama.  Smile and have fun!


Good Luck!

Jennifer Nickert