Lid up or Lid Down? The age old fight.

Toilet Seat EtiquetteI am going to solve the age old fight over the toilet seat being left up or down right now for everyone as well as a few other bathroom tips.

First off the toilet seat goes down!  Not only the toilet seat, but the toilet lid as well.  I am very capable of not sitting in toilet water.  In fact never in my life have I fallen in. What the big deal is all about is every time you flush that baby with the lid up a big mist of feces and urine wash your bathroom in gross germs.  Not only your urine and poo, but friends, strangers, and kids.  All those germs land on the counter, your toothbrushes, your make-up, your soap.  So, lets just save us all the nasty bath and close both seat and lid and we’ll all be happy.

Toilet Paper FightAnother thing people are very passionate about is which way your toilet paper roll faces.  Some like it flush with the wall and unrolling towards the wall, because it looks more flattering, some like it facing you as you reach for it, much more handy.   This subject is like politics, it gets very heated.  The right way to do it towards you.  The reasoning again is hygiene.  Having it against the wall means dirty germy fingers are touching the wall to grasp the toilet paper.  Facing towards you is not only closer to reach, but is much more conducive to touching only paper and not spreading the poo finger or urine hand around (You know you’ve done it!)

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