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PR no-no!

Joey Lawrence AdamsIn public relations you want to always put your best foot forward when you can.  I was recently working a Comic Con in the Detroit area and was asked to shoot every booth and every celebrity.

I am very courteous and polite -OK, I TRY to be.  I have my Press Pass, but I never abuse it.  I ask permission, I say please, I say thank you.  I had an absolutely great time with the fans and the celebrities until I hit one booth.   There was one person in Joey Lauren Adams line and she was smiling and talking with him.  I waited patiently, then approached and said, “I am Jennifer Nickert with The Best of Detroit.  Could I take a photo.”   Adam’s handler (manager, assistant, whatever…) stepped up and Joey looked at him and said she had never heard of me.  He said no we have never heard of you.

I said thank you anyways and I walked away.

Now why would they say no?  I had credentials that the people who hired her to be there had given me.  Her employers clearly thought I should have been there.  What would one photo have done to or for her that she wouldn’t have wanted?  She basically turned down press and at the same time offended myself, the company I was there for, the client, and the people who hired her to  be there.

Was she that desperate that if I wasn’t a paying fan I couldn’t have just snapped one photo?  I did enjoy her movies, but bet money on it I won’t be supporting any of her movies in the future.

William ZabkaI would never ever let one of my clients say no like that in those circumstances.  Out of the 400+ tables, vendors and celebrities she was the ONLY one to give me a No.   I was clearly there working and wasn’t buying autographs anyways.  The photo would have taken less time then telling me you had never heard of me (Have you really heard of every writer, photographer and media outlet in the Country?) and trying to insulting me.  She would have had a little more press, one more person who thought she was great and it would have taken less than 20 seconds.

That was the dumbest celebrity PR mistake I saw all day.  The best PR was done by William Zabka from Karate Kid fame.  His line was longer and he was very friendly and personable with each and every one.  I can take some quick pics without their permission and I do get to cut the line, but I try not to step on toes and make sure the fans are happy so I am invited back.  So, I waited, he looked at me a few times and I waited.  He took a break from his fans to come over and I introduced myself and asked if a quick photo was ok.

He was gracious and friendly.  He posed, even asked if I wanted in a photo myself, which I declined so I didn’t take up his time or over impose.  I thanked him and as I was stepping away I told him I loved him on How I Met Your Mother.  Which if you didn’t catch the last season with him in it as himself please do, very funny.  He came back around his table and leaned in, I thought he was going to whisper something, he gave me a kiss on my cheek and thanked me.  Now, guess who has a new fan for life?  I even paid for someone to get his autograph so he would be compensated for being so damn awesome.

So, to sum things up.  If what someone is asking doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t put you out, do it!  The good Karma will go a long way and who knows who they are or how they are connected.  Even if they aren’t connected and don’t know a soul, be a good person and go a bit extra.