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Outcry for Orlando

I am heartbroken over the mass shooting at club Pulse in Orlando on Sunday, June 12th, 2016.  A gunman held hundreds hostage at the nightclub, killing 50 people and wounding over 50 more.

That someone could have that much hate for strangers is unfathomable.  I am also saddened by the reactions of some of people on social media.  Taking the opportunity to say being gay is wrong, that guns should be outlawed, etc.  These were human beings, they were sons, daughters, friends, coworkers, family to many.  The people brutally shot down were the people who smiled as they passed by, the person who held the door for you, the person who donated to a fund that helped your neighbors.  They were lives who still had so much to give and to do.  Think before you make ignorant statements.

I have a lot of LBGT friends and family.  My Uncle Greg is gay and he was just in Orlando for a convention not even a week ago, so this hits home.    Greg is one of the kindest, most generous, intelligent, funny people I know.  Honestly one of the best human beings I’ve ever known.  To think someone would harm him without even knowing him horrifies me.

All those human beings were killed and injured for something a mentally ill person _ Jenny Knows Everything 5orchestrated in his mind.  Mental illness is rampant and it seems that the only help for them unless is jail time.

I am not really religious, I am not really political and I don’t have the answers.  I just know respect and love for others is the only way to live life.  Any religion that tells you to hate or kill is wrong! Nobody should let words in a book or online propel you to dictate what anyone else’s life should be.

We are so intolerant of others as a society if it doesn’t fit in with what we want.  People have been padding their home environment so they have everything and don’t have to interact with others much.  Large screen TVs replaced going to the movies where you have to sit next to strangers.  Home video games replaced kids playing with their friends (Have you noticed how antisocial kids have gotten?).   The internet has replaced going out for social interaction and attention (Selfies anyone?).  Single Mom’s raising little assholes because they want their kids to like them more than they want to raise respectful, independent children.

We’re all hypocrites.  We all make mistakes.  An example:  On rare occasion I have made a mistake while driving.  I’ve started to merge to realize there is a car in my blind spot.  I quickly throw up my hand to wave and I mouth “I am sorry!”  When someone does it to me, I am usually agitated and alarmed.  Luckily my middle finger stopped shooting up years ago.  Now I stick my tongue out at bad drivers.  It either gets my point across or we both laugh.

I think a little more compassion and empathy are called for in this world.  If your religion, friends or family are encouraging you to hate, it’s time to drop them all.


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect   #Plur