Hacked and Not Pleased

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My webpage was so cruelly hacked recently. This was my first time ever getting hacked, hijacked, ghosted, anything. They came in through a clients webpage and as I tried to perform magic and get their site cleared of viruses, this family of hackers (who sign their hacks with the gang name and was so bold, they gave links to how to reach them on FaceBook) infected my computer and got into my hosting account and hacked all my webpages.

Luckily, I had backups. Unlucky, I also got this virus on some of the backups. I had backups for some of my backups, but not all. I fought a valiant effort, I sucked up to every computer and IT Tech I knew, but this webpage was a goner. It was a frustrating experience. I did learn a lot. More than I should ever have had to learn. It was really just mean of them.

Now I find myself starting over, coincidentally at the beginning of 2019, like it’s a New Years Resolution. I sat and got a little depressed over all the lost work that went into this page over the years. I debated rewriting and recreating what had been on my webpage. Another part of me feels like it’s a sign and to embrace it and start fresh. I think I’m starting fresh and going with the flow.